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Jill Ram

About Us

Jill Ram Consulting helps small to mid-sized companies realize their goals through the development and implementation of strategic human resources initiatives.

Because we understand your specific needs and environment, we can help your company achieve its goals by harnessing your people via programs that maximize their potential while keeping them engaged and committed to your company’s success.  

With over 20 years of experience leading human resources for global organizations in the technology sector, Jill Ram is a trusted business partner who delivers clear results. She has helped both start-ups and mature companies move to the next level by aligning HR with corporate strategic objectives, improving business performance, and developing cultures that foster and sustain innovation and agility. 

She has worked with organizations in a variety of industries within the high tech space including aerospace & defence, telecommunications, entertainment, gaming, security, as well as e-commerce and financial services. In addition to her local expertise, she's had exposure to various international cultures and employment laws in countries including the US, France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, the UAE, India, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil. This extensive experience has provided her with an unparalleled understanding of what it takes to excel in this competitive industry.



We know where we shine

High tech, high growth, innovation, entrepreneurs, and first-time CEOs are our specialty. Why? Because that has been our world for over twenty years. Through that period, we have built plans for delivering on a vision, for scaling to growth, for sizing to market realities, and for acquiring and being acquired.  A partner who knows your world, is a partner who can get to work, day one. We’ve helped first-time CEOs navigate acquiring and being acquired, s

Putting your plan into play

You have probably identified that part of your plan involves staffing correctly, and getting the most from your team - hopefully, that's why you're reading  this. But you might be a bit foggy on how to get there, or you just need that right collaboration partner to help you articulate what you already know.  We will help guide and shape your human resources needs from recruiting, to policies, to benefits, but we never lose sight of your overall strategy.



Guiding you through growth and change

Laying the groundwork now can make all the difference for years to come. So much of what a good strategic plan can do for you comes down to one simple word: resilience. By partnering with you to shape a clear vision for your HR strategy, and helping to ensure that your cultural values are effectively projected through your HR plans, we're building a system that will see your company through years of successes, challenges, and triumphs. By taking a long view, we believe that your investment in strategy will repay you, year after year.


We've built our reputation on understanding how high tech companies flourish in Montreal - a market with unique challenges. 

We understand that Instrumental to any high tech company’s success is creating, promoting, and fostering a culture that attracts, engages, motivates and retains employees in order to remain competitive in a niche market. And that it's critical to implement a strategic hiring plan aimed at increasing company visibility, streamlining the recruitment process, and ensuring the proper selection and integration of qualified, competent employees who fit the corporate culture and who will remain committed to the company's success.  Because when it comes to your IP, every hire matters. 

We've also built a sizeable network that can be put into service for your company. 

While there is more than ample space in this market for global consultancies, they are not appropriate for every type of client.  We make companies that are just growing into early maturity our specialty.  No longer a small start-up, but not yet so big that you have everything in place, you will find that you face unique challenges that cannot be solved by templates or well-worn best-practice mantras.  That's where we come in: ready to listen to your plans, help you articulate your strategy, and then develop an overarching plan on how we can help you get there.

Jill’s instincts, combined with her years of experience as a trusted adviser to the c-suite, make her an essential part of any executive team.
— Genetec Inc.
Jill proactively defined the strategic objectives and set up the framework to change the culture, improve morale, retain talent, and hire the right people for our company. She was key in ensuring that HR objectives were strategically aligned with the business goals.
— Engenuity Inc.
Jill’s contribution to the organization was broader than just managing and addressing human resources issues. She also played an important role on the management team. Her participation in various corporate matters and activities, including M&A transactions, was valued by all, and often instrumental to their success. Her leadership skills helped the company and the employees go through significant cultural changes.
— OZ Communications